Cupping therapy has been around for thousands of years, yet has only recently emerged as a sought after treatment here in the states.  (You can thank movie stars and pro athletes for this) Cupping can treat pain, tight muscles, improve metabolism, improve blood circulation, activate the lymphatic system and toxin elimination process, as well as stimulate the body's own healing process.

The body's natural response to injury is redness, heat, swelling, and pain.  Initially one might think these are negative reactions, but it is actually a complex and effective defense mechanism by which the body initiates repair and regeneration of damaged tissues, as well as removal of toxins and waste products. 

Redness and heat are a result of increased blood flow to the area which brings with it the white blood cells, platelets, oxygen, fibrobasts and other healing elements to the compromised area.  The lymphatic system then steps in acting as a garbage collection service by collecting and removing the toxins and waste. 

Using cupping therapy, we are directing the body's attention to a specific area, activating both blood flow and the lymphatic system to kick start the natural healing process.

Cupping therapy is painless and many note immediate improvement when it comes to muscle tightness or limited range of motion.  It's quick.  For those who are always on the go - a 10 minute cupping session can leave you feeling like you just received a 30 minute massage. Cupping therapy is a budget friendly way to promote wellness at $35 per treatment area.  



Does it hurt?  No.  You will feel the suction and momentary tingling, but it is not painful.  The marks left after cupping are not bruises - which would be painful to the touch - rather, they are hickies that would be no more sensitive to touch than at most a very light sunburn.

How long are the cups left on?  No longer than 10 minutes and they can be removed sooner if you are uncomfortable.  You will never be left in the room alone and will be closely monitored the whole time. 

Are there any restrictions post treatment? It is recommended that you avoid extreme temperatures for the next 24hrs. (i.e., no sauna, hot tub, or ice baths).  Since your skin has been stretched and the pores enlarged temporarily, it is recommended to avoid applying creams and lotions to the area.  

Are there any contraindications?  Yes.  Serious illness, variscosities, connective tissue disorders, pregnancy, new or active injuries, chronic edema, neuralgias and neuropathies. 

Cupping is by appointment only.  Please call or direct message us for scheduling.