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What Makes Wild Radish Studio Tick?

Our passion is to make clean, healthy living affordable and attainable. We advocate wellness through massage & cupping therapy and promote the ability to be self-sufficient when it comes to products you use on a daily basis in the home. 

Whether you're wanting to limit chemicals and plastic packaging, you're a current zero waste or minimimalism warrior, or simply just have a love for DIY.  

We provide an physical space via our brick and mortar store along with education and inspiration through social media to encourage the ever growing community of humans that are striving towards being conscious consumers. 

KNOWLEDGE + INGREDIENTS = The opportunity to make some amazing stuff!


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"Camille is such a knowledgeable, caring individual that will help you whip up whatever your heart desires! She’s professional, her studio is clean, and I love her whole approach to less waste and more all natural products! Check Wild Radish Studio out, you won’t be disappointed. And you’ll probably come home with something nifty to keep!"

Mary B.


"Absolutely love this store! I had so much fun figuring out what I wanted to make and what everything was for. It is so much easier going somewhere to make what I want rather than ordering online and trying things I don't end up liking. This way I don't have to order all of my ingredients! #takemymoney she also has some awesome jars to hold my newly made recipes in!" 

Jennie M.


"A unique, zero waste, creative space to make all your own personal and home care products. Natural, pure, and the shop smells amazing. A must ‘check out’ shop in Redding!"

Sara S.

"Love the wild radish Studio! very edgy and forward-thinking and at the same time so Ultra primitive! You make your own soaps?.. Sure, get the ingredients there, it is very nice and really smelled great! I am looking forward to having a massage and cupping done! Looking forward to zero waste!"

Matt C.

"Very unique this store. Make your laundry soap, shampoo, soap.......without chemicals & waste. Beautiful store."

Melonie S.


No shaming or aggressive opinions here.

Being conscious of what we consume and the impact it has environmentally, socially, and ethically can motivate us to look at our purchasing choices in a new light.   There are many aspects to being a conscious consumer. Our focus is on everyday products within the home and helping others to realize that this doesn't mean a life of self denial when it comes to beauty, haircare, or home cleaning products.  Our goal is to provide eco-friendly replacements or DIY know-how to enable you to make what you need without sacrificing the convenience of having and using such products.